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De Macht van het Gebed – E.M. Bounds

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Auteur: E.M. Bounds
ISBNr:  – – geen – –
Uitgever: De Stem, 2e druk
(10.000 tot 20.000)
Uitgave: Paperback, 91 blz.
Conditie: In goede en nette staat,
binding goed, tekst schoon


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“God shapes the world by prayer. Prayers are deathless. The lips that uttered them may be closed in death, the heart that felt them may have ceased to beat, but the prayers live before God, and God’s heart is set on them and prayers outlive the lives of those who uttered them; they outlive a generation, outlive an age, outlive a world.”
—from E.M. Bounds on Prayer

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Edward McKendree Bounds (1835-1913) was an American author, attorney, and member of the Methodist Episcopal Church South clergy. While best known for his classic books on prayer, his others are beginning to be rediscovered by a new generation.
Bounds was a Missouri native, and by the age of 19, he became the youngest practicing attorney in his home state. However, he began to feel God’s call on his life, and by the age of 24 (in 1859), he was ordained and pastoring a church in Monticello, Missouri.
Shortly after his appointment, he fell into controversy during the Civil War. Because of his pastorate, his name was added to a list of people who were being required to take an oath of allegiance to the Union. The Union also required a contribution of $500 to the cause. Bounds disagreed with this type of fundraising (and besides, didn’t have $500), and was arrested, being charged as a Confederate sympathizer. He spent a year and a half in federal prison, and was eventually released.
After his release, Bounds thought he would be of best use as a chaplain for the Confederacy, with the 3rd Missouri Infantry CSA. But during the Second Battle of Franklin, Bounds suffered a severe head wound caused by a Union saber, and was again imprisoned, this time as a prisoner of war. He was released in 1865, shortly after the Civil War ended.
Not to be dissuaded from his home and the people who he loved, Bounds returned to Missouri to aid in spiritually rebuilding the war-torn area. It will come as no surprise to those familiar with Bounds that his most powerful ministry came through his weekly prayer meetings, which were known to often last several hours.
Bounds faithfully ministered until his death in 1913, and his many books have endured long after.

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E.M. Bounds was an American writer best known for his books on the subject of Christian prayer. The works are still popular among Christians today and are known to be thought-provoking and challenging.

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As a former Army chaplain, E.M. Bounds was no stranger to warfare when he wrote this book. He saw prayer as a powerful weapon that he used throughout his time at war and on the road as a traveling preacher. In this text, Bounds dives into the “why” of prayer—why you should intercede for your neighbor, why prayer should be prioritized in ministry, why Jesus himself prayed, and much more. His compelling words continue to inspire Christians today to spend more time in communion with God.

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Of all the factors influencing our spiritual growth and development, pivotal books play a key role. Learning from those who have walked the path and fought the fight brings wisdom and strengthens resolve. And hearing the familiar chords of kingdom living sung by voices from other times can penetrate cultural barriers that limit our allegiance to the King. To this end, Moody Publishers is honored to present all seventeen books of its spiritual classics series. Selected for their enduring influence and timeless perspective, these new editions promise to shape the lives of spiritual pilgrims for generations to come." ["image"]=> array(4) { ["width"]=> int(250) ["height"]=> int(200) ["url"]=> string(55) "" ["mimeType"]=> string(10) "image/jpeg" } ["offer"]=> array(2) { ["price"]=> float(16.99) ["deliveryDescription"]=> string(18) "Direct beschikbaar" } } } }
Helaas hebben wij dit boek (tijdelijk) niet meer op voorraad. Wij hebben voor u onderstaand boek op gevonden.

E.M. Bounds on Prayer

ISBN: 9781598560527
Prijs: € 34,96

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De Macht van het Gebed

Power-Through-Prayer : Er is kracht door het gebed!

Voor veel christenen, gebed is niets bijzonders, gewoon iets wat we verondersteld om te doen, ga naar de kerk, tienden, lees de Bijbel, bidden. Maar gebed moet zo veel meer dan een item zijn op onze  “to do” lijsten.

Met deze handleiding voor krachtige gebed door auteur E. M. Bounds, zult u ontdekken hoe:

–  gebed je effectief kan transformeren in een dynamische christen
–  je een dieper begrip van God’s woord krijgt
–  ervaar je een persoonlijke en directe communicatie met God als nooit tevoren
–  weet je de volheid der goddelijke macht

Zie voor verdere TOELICHTING ook de ACHTERZIJDE van het boek! 

Auteur: E.M. Bounds (1835-1913)
ISBNr: – – geen – –

Extra informatie

Gewicht 80 g
Afmetingen 180 × 110 × 8 mm
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