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The Seven Sayings of the Saviour on the Cross – Arthur W. Pink

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Author: Arthur W. Pink
ISBNr:  – No –
Publisher: World of Life, 2th 1995
Edition: Paperback, 132 pages
Condition: In clean condition Acceptable

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The words Christ spoken from the cross, says Dr. Arthur W. Pink, “Reveal the excellencies of the One who suffered there; and inform us of the purpose, the meaning, the sufferings, and the sufficiency of the Death Divine”.

After an introduction that discusses the nature of Christ’s death as natural, unnatural, preternatural, and supernatural, Dr. Arthur W. Pink clearly illustrates the lessons that can be drawn from Christ’s words lessons on forgiveness, salvation, affection, anguish, suffering, victory, and contentment. This comprehensive and accessible volume is useful for both sermon preparation and personal study

This volume has long been one of my favorite works from Pink’s pen. He was at his best whenever he wrote about Christ, and he was never more focused, more thorough, or more compelling than when he proclaimed Christ crucified. In this book he explains the meaning of the cross through the last words of the Savior Himself. These are deeply moving glimpses of Christ in His extremity. Every chapter is a treasure.
(from the Foreword by John MacArthur.)

Discover the meaning behind the words. In The Seven Sayings of the Saviour on the Cross, Dr. Pink illustrates clearly the lessons that emerge out of the seven utterances of Christ on the cross, filling the reader with the glory of the redemptive message. Chapters include insightful lessons on:

Forgiveness, Salvation, Affection, Anguish, Suffering, Victory, Contentment

Each message has its own sevenfold expression, whereby Dr. Pink organized the text under seven clearly-stated main headings, making this volume perfect for both sermon preparation and personal study.

For further NOTES See also the BACK of the book!

Author: Arthur W. Pink
ISBNr:  Non  = not  0801065739 /  978-801065736



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