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Biblical psychology : A series of preliminary studies (Third impression 1972) – Oswald Chambers Preface: David Lambert.

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Author: Oswald Chambers
Publisher: Oswald Chambers Publications Association ;
Marshall, Morgan & Scott, (Third impression) 1972
Edition: Paperback, viii, 269 pages
Condition: Good, contain limited notes, underlining

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The Christian Counselore here finds a wealth of understanding of moral problems to wich he may be called upon to find a solution.

Oswald Chambers in Biblical Psychology (Christ-centered Solutions for Daily Problems) is at his best: most specific intellectually with Biblical documentation and his being most inspired spiritually by the Divine Word of God! This is a must read for everyone to better understand yourself and others (soul, spirit, heart, mind, self, ego, personality, and body) and to learn how the inner man or heart (not the brain!) is the radical center of all life, thinking, reasoning, perception, meditation, choice, love, judgment, estimation, hate, conscience, belief, disbelief, memory, imagination, and much, much more. The heart is the laboratory of life, the innermost indwelling of the Triune God or Satan. He explains the “rightly related” to God hearts vs. the darkened and hardened hearts “from within, out of the heart of men, proceed evil thoughts.”

This is a most intricate and technical book that takes some study that can open our understanding with enlightenment, knowledge, and wisdom of the heart, soul, and spirit. I have read it 3 times, taking notes, highlighting, and learning with more insight each time I read a section! It can be studied for a lifetime with new understanding and revelation of the whole person created in the image of God and how and why we relate to God, to ourselves and to others. Oswald Chambers, intellectually well-studied and deeply-inspired spiritually, has proven by the Word of God to correct science that says thinking is only of the brain. By Biblical truth he proves that the heart/mind is revealed to be the center of thinking while the head is the outward expression of the heart or merely the machinery the heart uses to express itself in the body or by speech. What revelation!

Plan to mark up the book with your notes, revelations, highlights with continuous study! A must-read! It opens the “eyes and ears” of our hearts!

A must have on the shelf and nightstand for counselors, psychologists, teachers, parents, and leaders.

For further NOTES See also the TITELPAGE of the book!

Author: Oswald Chambers Preface: David Lambert.
ISBNr: 0551052082 9780551052086

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Gewicht 190 g
Afmetingen 178 × 110 × 18 mm


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