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The People Who Couldn’t be Stopped : Ethel Barrett

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Author: Ethel Barrett
(S 063 107)
Publisher: Regal Books, GL Pubilication,
Ninth printing, 1976
Edition: Paperback, 138 pages
Condition: Good, In clean condition

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A little handful of Jesus’ followers gathered together in a house in Jerusalem. Jesus, their leader, had left them. The government was against them. They weren’t important or powerful. What would happen to them.

Lots happened to them – there is no doubt of that. But, lots more happened to almost everyone who came near them. That little handful of people grew to thousands. Whole cities heard about them. Continents were invaded by them. The handful and those who joined them turned the world upside down! In fact, their influence can perhaps be seen in YOUR home! Want to meet them? Their story is in this book, and Ethel Barrett will introduce you to them.

For further NOTES See also the BACK cover of the book!

Author: Ethel Barrett
ISBNr: 0830700072 9780830700073 (S 063 107)

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Gewicht 140 g
Afmetingen 195 × 133 × 7 mm


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