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Youth aflame : a manual for discipleship – Winkie Pratney

3,95 incl. BTW

Author: Winkie Pratney
Publisher: Bethany House
Publishers, Rev. ed 1983.
Edition: Paperback, 446 pages : ill.
Condition: In clean condition,
Good, Plasticized cover


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Youth Aflame

Auteur: Winkie Pratney
ISBN: 9780871236593
Conditie: Goed
Prijs: € 44,70

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A Bible study adventure for young Christians!

A New Testament message the basic, practical principles of true discipleship to be translated into a life philosophy for every Christian.

A New Testament strategy of introducing Christian discipleship to others, based on the training pattern laid down by Christ himself for the twelve.

A New Testament method summarizing the basic plans of instruction and of communication which the Master followed. Challenging and thought-provoking questions have been included in this edition for class discussion or personal use.

A Program for Developing Young Disciples.

For further NOTES See also the BACK cover of the book!

Author: Winkie Pratney
ISBNr: 0871236591 9780871236593

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Gewicht 420 g
Afmetingen 212 × 138 × 31 mm