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The God Catchers : Experiencing the Manifest Presence of God – Tommy Tenney [Paperback]

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Author: Tommy Tenney
Publisher: Thomas Nelson, 2001
Edition: Paperback, 228 pages
Condition: In Clean condition,
Binding good

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Experiencing The Manifest Presence of God

A perfect companion to the tradebook by the same name, The God Catchers Workbook shows readers how to move from the pursuit of God to an encounter with Him. Author Tommy Tenney writes, “God, in a sense, plays hide and seek. But like a loving parent, He always makes sure He can be found by those who take the time to look.” In this workbook, Tenney will guide readers through a step-by-step process allowing them to re-ignite the thrill of earnestly seeking God and the joy of finding Him. Readers will learn practical applications that will teach them how to understand God’s promise to be found by those who seek Him, be reminded that church is about Him, not about us, and to discover the communion and power that flow from the presence of God.

For further NOTES See also the BACK of the book!

Author: Tommy Tenney
ISBNr: 0785266534  9780785266532 (HC 0785267107 9780785267102)

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Afmetingen 202 × 133 × 15 mm