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World Aflame – Billy Graham

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Author: Billy Graham
ISBNr: – – no – –
Publisher: Pocket Books ©1965],
14th print 1975
Edition: Paperback, 224 pages
Condition: Good. Text is Mark-Free.
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Revolutionary Spring

Auteur: Christopher Clark
ISBN: 9780525575207
Conditie: Nieuw
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World Aflame: Is there Hope?

An authoritative answer to the great questions raised by the moral and spiritual crises of our time.

Our world is ablaze with rebellion, threats, and war. What is behind this turmoil, and can we do anything about it? Billy Graham discusses the cause and solution to the many problems we face. Using the Bible to shed God’s light on our situation, he shows how rebellion against God and man is one of the major reasons for the despair and desperation we find all around the world. In World Aflame you can find new hope for a new beginning — not in the ideas of men, but in God’s gift of new life found only in Jesus Christ.

Billy Graham was an American evangelical Christian evangelist and an ordained Southern Baptist minister. Graham is best known for his evangelistic missions or “Crusades.” He believed God knew no borders or nationalities. Throughout his career, Graham preached to millions around the world. He met and prayed with every U. S. president from Dwight Eisenhower to Barack Obama.

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Author: Billy Graham  (1917-2018)
ISBNr: – – no – –  (not 1593282753 9781593282752)

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