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Whose Love Is It Anyway? – Judson Cornwall & Michael Reid

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Author: Judson Cornwall & Michael Reid
Publisher: Sharon, 1991
Edition: Paperback, 164 pages
Condition: In clean condition, Like New



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Whose Love Is It Anyway?

You may have been condemned into thinkiong that you left your first love. But what is First Love? This unique book will encourage you to know that God’s love is your true first love, and it is waiting for you!

Judson Cornwall writes with courage, clarity, and humility. In this book, he lovingly addresses that love doesn’t find its origins with us. This book is for anyone who has ever been called to love someone who is difficult to love. It both takes the burden off of our shoulders, and takes the sting out of the enemy’s accusations. God can love the difficult people, quite easily, and He can do it through us. And for the people who are easy to love, we can just be thankful that it was His idea and generous gift. Another Cornwall classic.

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Author: Judson Cornwall & Michael Reid
ISBNr: 1871367131   9781871367133

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Gewicht 230 g
Afmetingen 200 × 130 × 15 mm
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