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The battle for the Bible – Harold Lindsell

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Author: Harold Lindsell
Publisher: Zondervan Publishin House, 1976
Edition: Paperback, 218 pages
Condition: In clean condition, Good

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The battle for the Bible

Is the Bible inerrant or not?

Author Dr. Harold Lindsell answers in the affirmative-Yes, It Is!

Discussing the meaning of special revelation and inspiration, Lindsell shows the Scripture’s witness to itself and the historical view of inspiration and its implication. The basic fact is that a view of “limited inerrancy” has crept into evangelical Christianity. The basic problem is that a view of limited inerrancy invariably leads to concessions in matters of faith and practice. The basic need is for the church to be aware of the problem and to articulate her belief in Biblical inerrancy without fear and without compromise.

Dr. Harold Lindsell leaves no doubt that the battle has been joined.

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Author: Harold Lindsell
ISBNr: 0310276810 9780310276814

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