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PURE : Holiness and Purity in Your Daily Life – Michael Ross-Watson

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Author: Michael Ross-Watson
Publisher: KJ Publishing, 215
Edition: Paperback, 76 pages
Condition: Good, In clean condition

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(Climbing Higher Daily Readings Book 1)

This series of 34 daily devotionals on purity and holiness will help you learn what it means to live the life with God you truly want. It begins with the Holy One himself – God. “Be holy as I am holy”. Then you are taken on a journey through the Bible to learn more each day.

Michael Ross-Watson shares personal stories and spiritual insights from his fifty years of ministry in Asia and the UK.

Here are the daily reading chapters:
Called to be holy as God is holy
Receive righteousness (holiness) as a gift
Saints not sinners
Holiness and new birth
The meaning of new birth
Sanctified through and through
Be what God says you are
Cleanse my heart Lord
The beauty of holiness
God’s will is that we become like Jesus
Holiness and the Holy Spirit
Living in the new way of the Spirit
Hungry for God.
How do I walk in the Spirit?
Your will not my will
Perfect love
Be filled with the love of God
Cleansed by God’s word
Eternal light
Shining as lights in the world
Walk in the light
The pure in heart
To the pure all things are pure
The refiner’s fire
The knife God loves us enough to hurt us
The three enemies of holiness
Overcoming the world
An undivided mind
How to deal with the flesh
Say no to the enemy
Hang in there – don’t give up
Our blessed hope

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Author: Michael Ross-Watson
ISBNr: 1508506558 9781508506553

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