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Hot Tub Religion : Christian Living in a Materialistic World – J.L. Packer

6,95 incl. BTW

Author: J.L. Packer
Publisher: Living Books, 1993

Mass Market Paperback, 246 pages

Condition: In clean condition, Like New


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Christian Living in a Materialistic World

A guide to topics such as God’s plan, the relationship between God and man and the theology of pleasure.


Danger! Theologian at work : what these chapters are meant to do —
The plan of God : the basic Christian orientation —
Meeting God : the basic Christian relationship —
Hot tub religion : toward a theology of pleasure —
Guidance : how God leads us —
Joy : a neglected discipline —
Scripture and sanctification : how the Bible helps us to holiness —
Poor health : physical cures and healing —
Disappointment, despair, depression : how the great physician touches troubled minds —
Church reformation : outward reordering and inward renewal.

Packer explores a variety of Christian living topics in very accessible thoughts and language, gradually entering into more specific topics, starting with the character of God and our relationship with him, ending with definitions of renewal and reformation. Each chapter was full of scripture, to the point that Packer often found no reason other than to quote the Word in full. I’d commend this quick read to any Christian seeking direction in this confusing world. I’ll let you read the book to find out what “Hot Tub Religion” is. I think you’ll agree that such a religion is alive and well today.

For further NOTES See also the BACK of the book!

Author: J.L. Packer
ISBNr: 0842313818 9780842313810

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Gewicht 150 g
Afmetingen 175 × 108 × 18 mm


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