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Pray With Fire : Interceding In The Spirit – Guy Chevreau

2,95 incl. BTW

Author: Guy Chevreau
Publisher: Harpercollins, 1995
Edition: Paperback, 264 pages
Condition: In clean condition, Like New



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Pray With Fire

ISBN: 9780006384908
Prijs: € 23,95

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Pray With Fire : Interceding In The Spirit

Catch the Fire: The Toronto Blessing was a powerful testament to the spiritual transformations happening at the Toronto Airport Vineyard Church. 

Dr. Guy Chevreau — recognized as a leading spokesperson for the exciting phenomenon happening at the Airport Vineyard — chronicled the intense sobbing, joyous laughter, incredible healings and wondrous spiritual reawakenings experienced each night by thousands of ordinary people and widely documented in international media coverage. Now, in Pray with Fire, Chevreau reflects on what it means to be in the midst of this reviving experience.

He documents the continuing quest for understanding of miracles, discovering one amazing and constant revelation: The Toronto Blessing is leading many people — including members of the clergy — into an entirely new and transforming experience of prayer. Through firsthand testimonies accompanied by biblical and historical perspective, further resources are brought to bear on the “grace gifts” that are being released to the church and how they can have a profound impact on individual lives — and the life of the contemporary church.

Those who have read Catch the Fire: The Toronto Blessing will find Pray with Fire takes them to a new level of spiritual understanding; those who are just learning of the Toronto Blessing through the continuing media spotlight are in for an awakening and transforming experience.

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Author: Guy Chevreau
ISBNr: 0006384900   9780006384908 (not 055102979X 9780551029798)

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Gewicht 230 g
Afmetingen 202 × 135 × 17 mm
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