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LeadershipNext changing leaders in a changing culture – Eddie Gibbs

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Author: Eddie Gibbs
Publisher: Ill InterVarsity Press ©2005
Edition: Paperback, 237 pages
Condition: In clean condition, Like New

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Voted “Best Outreach Leadership Training Finalist” in the Third Annual Year’s Best Outreach Resources for 2005

Our culture is constantly changing, often faster than we can adapt to it. Christian leaders struggle not only to acquire new skills and insights but also to unlearn what they already know. As both the church and the world change, so too must Christian leaders and their very notions of leadership.

Veteran church growth expert Eddie Gibbs maps out how Christian leadership must change in light of new global realities. Styles of leadership are changing, from hierarchies to networks and from compartmentalization to connectivity. Gibbs assesses the dynamics of leadership teams, identifies healthy leadership traits, and looks to how new leaders are identified and developed.

This incisive analysis is a comprehensive resource for current and emerging leaders serving in churches, parachurch organizations and beyond.
— Redefining leadership
— Why leadership styles must change
— Leaders passionate about the Great Commission
— What’s different?
— Team building
— Leadership traits
— Activities of leadership
— Leadership attitudes
— Facing the cost of leadership
— Leadership emergence and developmen

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Author: Eddie Gibbs
ISBNr: 0830832831 9780830832835

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