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Intuitive Leadership: Embracing a Paradigm of Narrative, Metaphor, and Chaos – Tim Keel

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Author: Tim Keel
Publisher: Baker Publishing Group, 2th print 2008
Edition:  Paperback,  272 pages
Condition: Good, limited highlighting


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Intuitive Leadership

Auteur: Tim Keel
ISBN: 9780801068133
Conditie: Goed
Prijs: € 59,03

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Emerging church planter and pioneer Tim Keel offers a compelling, innovative paradigm for leadership that is right-brained, prophetic, and contextually sensitive.

As our culture shifts from modern to postmodern, pastors and church leaders are finding that old, rigid church leadership systems and structures no longer seem to work.
Church leaders are searching for and discovering new, creative ways of leading–emphasizing intuition, creativity, narrative, and an embrace of the chaos and tension of our time. Tim Keel, pastor of a thriving emergent church and a rising leader in the emergent church movement, offers a thought-provoking yet practical exploration of this new style he calls Intuitive Leadership. His fresh approach will be welcomed by pastors and lay leaders interested in the emergent conversation and how Christian mission should look in our rapidly changing culture. (?mersion: Emergent Village resources for communities of faith)

From the Inside Flap:
EXCERPT FROM CATALOG We live in the midst of an emerging postmodern milieu. This is a new world that seeks to bring the heart and soul and body back into contact and balance with a modern mind that is not just dangerously enlarged but nearly detached. Out of this environment a different imagination is starting to emerge. As it does, a new language set is developing that is artistic, intuitive, prophetic, and poetic. This language set and the new kinds of competencies that are beginning to assert themselves in response to this environment are doing so not in terms defined by the categories and structures of the former world (modernity) but in ways that are new–and, in many cases, ancient. When the time comes for God to do something new within a culture that has grown stagnant or unresponsive to his movement, God often moves from the margins of that culture. We see this kind of shift illustrated in the narratives of Scripture where more often than not the margins are symbolized by the woman and the child: Moses and his mother, Ruth and Obed, Hannah and Samuel, Mary and Jesus. Because systems and structures rarely surrender their power, the woman and the child are often vulnerable and endangered. They seem insignificant, even bothersome or contemptible, and yet wiser men than I sensed a change in their world two thousand years ago. Rather than sit ensconced within their controlled worlds, they set off to find the source of this change: a babe lying in a manger, on the margins of society. New wineskins emerge to make space for what is happening as the old often burst, unable to contain what is fresh and new. New systems and structures must emerge to release the kind of imagination and creative thinking I have been describing.

From the Back Cover:
The world is changing. To make an impact today, churches need to discover new ways of leading that embrace intuition, creativity, narrative, and the chaos and tension of our time. Tim Keel offers a theologically grounded, thoughtful, and practical exploration of how intuitive leadership can help the local church embrace contemporary opportunities and challenges. This important contribution to the emergent church discussion will help you find the freedom to explore the possibilities and empower your church for our postmodern world. “Tim Keel writes with the eye of an artist, the heart of a pastor, the mind of a philosopher, and the hope of a visionary. His intuitions will inspire your own, and his voice will add so much to the conversation about what is emerging in our lives, churches, and world.”–Brian McLaren, author, speaker ( “Tim Keel has written a fascinating and engaging book that will quickly become both a starting point and a standard bearer for thinking about leadership in the emerging church.”–John R. Franke, professor of theology, Biblical Seminary “Deeply personal and human in its approach, Intuitive Leadership both charms the mind and informs the heart. The result is a wise and gentle tracing of the contours of postmodernism that is as healing as it is liberating.”–Phyllis Tickle, contributing editor in religion, Publishers Weekly “Read Tim Keel’s book. Let it invite you to connect with your stories, the markers along the road that have been shaping you so far. Let it permit you to give voice to your questions.”–from the foreword by Alan J. Roxburgh, vice president, Allelon Canada Tim Keel is the founding pastor of Jacob’s Well, a growing church in Kansas City, Missouri, and serves on the board of directors for Emergent Village. He is passionate about creating spaces for people to connect to God, themselves, others, and the surrounding world.

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Author: Tim Keel
ISBNr: 0801068134 9780801068133

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