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You Are Not What You Weigh : Escaping the Lie and Living the Truth – Lisa Bevere

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Author: Lisa Bevere (1998)
Publisher: Strang Communications Company ©1998
Edition: Paperback, 192 blz.
Condition: In goede staat




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You are Not What You Weigh

ISBN: 9780884196617
Prijs: € 29,48

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You Are Not What You Weigh : Escaping the Lie and Living the Truth.

Discover How God Loves You Just the Way You Are

Bevere offers hope to women of all ages as she reveals the secrets she used to get her weight under control–by asking God to fashion her once again, starting with love and peace.

Lisa Bevere is an internationally known speaker and the best-selling author of Fight Like a Girl, Kissed the Girls and Made Them Cry, Out of Control and Loving It! and Be Angry But Don’t Blow It! Her books have helped thousands of women of all ages find purity and restoration through Jesus Christ. She challenges others to embrace fearless living, find freedom, and realize they are an answer and not a problem. She has empowered and released women to experience wholeness and realize both their destiny and legacy. In addition to national and international conferences, Lisa is a frequent guest on television programs such as Life Today and radio shows like Focus on the Family and Family Life Today. She co-hosts the television program The Messenger with her husband, John, which broadcasts to more than 200 nations. When she is not out “fighting like a girl,” she makes her home in Colorado Springs with her amazing husband and four sons.


Author: Lisa Bevere (1998)
ISBNr: 0884196615   9780884196617

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