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God’s favorite House : If You Build It, He Will Come – Tommy Tenney

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Author: Tommy Tenney
Publisher: Destiny Image Publ., 2000
Edition: Paperback, 220 pages
Condition: In clean condition, Like New

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The burning desire of you heart can be fulfilled.

God is looking for people just like you. He is a Lover in search of a people who will love Him in return. He is far more interested in you than He is interested in a building. He would hush all of Heaven’s hosts to listen to your voice raised in heartfelt love songs to Him. This book will show you how to build a house of worship within, fulfilling your heart’s desire and His!

–  Does God have a favourite house?
–  Do you have fond memories of the house in which you grew up?
–  What are those memories?

Recalling the warm events that happened in that home, rather than the physical structure of the house, is what would make you homesick. If God were ever to get homesick for any of the houses of worship on earth, where would that be? What events at that location would provoke the eternal mind of God to label that house as His favourite, to forever memorialise it in His own memory?

Man seeks God encounters at what he calls ‘God’s House’, but God seeks man encounters at what He calls ‘man’s house’. Remember the names? ‘Moses’ Tabernacle’, ‘David’s Tabernacle’, ‘Solomon’s Temple’? God has searched the earth for intimate worship since the Garden of Eden. While the landscape is littered with expensive steeples piercing God’s atmosphere and stained-glass windows colouring His sunshine, it would seem that the choice of His favourite house would be elaborate. Prepare to be surprised, as you discover God’s Favorite House.

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Author: Tommy Tenney
ISBNr: 0768420431 / 9780768420432

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