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Experience the blessing – John Arnott

3,95 incl. BTW

Author: John Arnott
Publisher: Renew/Regal Books 2005
Edition: Paperback, 230 pages
Condition: In clean condition, Like New


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Experience the Blessing

ISBN: 9780830727667
Prijs: € 9,90

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Signed by the author

They come to Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship and return revived and refreshed to their homes, churches and missionary fields. Here are exciting, uplifting testimonies of what happened to more than two dozen such individuals-pastors, teachers, a doctor, a sociologist, a Supreme Court judge and others-during and after their experiences in Toronto. This is not a travel brochure but, rather, a collection of marvelous stories about how God works in people when He is allowed to become an active part of their lives. Experience the Blessing invites us to take a leap of faith beyond our world, to step out into what God has in store for each of us and to allow Him to take us out of our comfort zones to experience His love to the fullest in every part of our being.

For further NOTES See also the BACK of the book!

Author: John Arnott
ISBNr: 0830727663 9780830727667

Extra informatie

Gewicht 265 g
Afmetingen 215 × 140 × 16 mm


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