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Church planting through obedience oriented teaching – George Patterson

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Author: George Patterson
Publisher: W. Carey Library, 1981
Edition: Booklet, v, 54 pages : illustrations
Condition: Good, contain limited highlighting
Cover has a small fold

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Church planting through obedience oriented teaching

Original release of what is now sold as Church Multiplication Guide Revised: The Miracle of Church

George Patterson spent 21 years in Central America training pastors to make disciples in a New Testament fashion that rapidly multiplies churches.

In Honduras he began by training pastors in a traditional, resident Bible Institute with poor results. With the advice of more experienced missionaries and much trial and error, he later saw churches multiply through the instrumentality of “Theological Education and Evangelism by Extension” (TEEE). This non-formal pastoral training resulted in twenty years in about 100 new churches in northern Honduras. This is as a result of the Biblical discipleship and church reproduction principles Dr. Patterson implemented. This model is now used with similar results in Asia, Africa and Latin America, as well in the United States, and is distributed as Train & Multiply TM.

George’s teaching style relies heavily on student involvement in role-plays and exercises that bring learning to life. He is hilarious and hyper-energetic in the classroom.

For further NOTES See also the BACK cover of the book!

Author: George Patterson
ISBNr: 0878089101 9780878089109

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