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Catch the Vision 2000 – Bill & Amy Stearns

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Author: Bill & Amy Stearns
Publisher: Bethany House Publishers, ©1991
Edition: Paperback, 206 pages
Condition: In clean condition, Good

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Catch the Vision 2000

The book shows practical ways for individuals and churches to become involved in reaching every people group by by the year 2000.

Something big and challenging is happening in our world. Something so astonishing it should make headlines in every church and Christian home.

All around the earth remarkable breakthroughs in reaching every people group with the gospel have occurred. Catch the Vision 2000 gives the reader an exciting glimpse into what God is doing – stories of Chinese believers sent to live among unreached ethnic groups in China, of revival coming among Koreans who Joseph Stalin resettled among Muslim Uzbeks in Soviet Central Asia, and much more!

From cover-to-cover, Scripture is clear that reaching every people has always been God’s deepest desire a desire He primarily fulfills through the church. He blesses His people that they might have all they need to reach the world with the Good News, and not for themselves alone.

Catch the Vision 2000 shows a multitude of practical ways for individuals and churches to become involved in this exciting work. Readers will discover the compelling truth that it’s possible for every people group to be reached by the year 2000!

The book is ideal for a Bible study quarterly and adult Sunday school classes.

How the whole world can be reached with the Gospel of Christ!

For further NOTES See also the BACK of the book!

Author: Bill & Amy Stearns
ISBNr: 1556611846 9781556611841

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