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Longing for Tenderness : Responsible Love before Marriage – Gerhard Hauer

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Author: Gerhard Hauer
Publisher: Editions Trobisch, 1983
Edition: Paperback, 132 pages
Condition: Good, In clean condition

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Longing for Tenderness : Responsible Love before Marriage

Foreword by Ingrid Trobisch ;   translated by Steven R. Palmer.

Love and sexuality in young people and the unmarried.

“Love and tenderness and sexuality must finally be separated from what ‘one’ does and from what is ‘in’.

This book clearly says no to irresponsible indulgence in sexuality, but also to inhibition, to prudishness and false guilt. It says no to the ‘false solutions’, ‘petting’ and ‘free love’. However, it also says no to the moralizing raised index finger. Instead, it is a resounding yes to sexuality: a hopeful yes to a tender and responsible handling of this natural and exciting life force.

I hope (says the author) that the reader will be prepared to think and feel along in an open and self-critical manner. Because only then will he have the chance to discover his desire for tenderness.
The author is a psychologist and tries to find answers around this subject from his Christian view of life.

For further NOTES See also the BACK cover of the book!

Author: Gerhard Hauer
ISBNr: 3878275218 9783878275213 (0877848351 9780877848356)

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